Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in people’s lives. You want to know that the place you’ve chosen to live is the absolute right choice for your lifestyle. That’s where I come in. I operate at the highest levels of business practice and will assist you throughout the entire transaction. My goal is to help you attain your perfect home.

Locating Your Home
With my knowledge of real estate and local communities, I will help you find the home that best suits your lifestyle. I can locate homes that are currently listed on the MLS, privately listed, or coming soon to the market. If needed, I can also connect you with a lender who will aid you in finding the right loan for your home.
Details and Disclosures
Before you decide on the offer you wish to make, we will review the necessary paperwork such as inspection reports, seller’s disclosures, preliminary title report, Natural Hazard Inspection reports, and any other documentation provided by the sellers. Though this part may sound overwhelming, I will be there every step of the way to make this process as simple and smooth as I can.

I provide advice and explain the contingencies, customary practices, and regulations so you have all the information on hand in preparation for making your offer. Home warranty, title, and escrow arrangements will also be detailed in the offer. I will be there to answer any and all questions and offer advice. But at the end of the day, I know this is your future home so the final decision as to the exact price and terms is yours to determine.

Making an Offer
Once you’ve found your perfect home and we’ve reviewed all the necessary documents, I will represent you and help you make an effective offer. This is where my professional and negotiation skills come to play. When the offer is made, the seller will have the option of accepting, rejecting, or making a counter offer. I will negotiate the best possible terms for you.
During Escrow
The escrow is a neutral third party that will receive, hold, and distribute all funds associated with your home purchase transaction. Once your offer is accepted and signed by all parties, I will open escrow for you and place your deposit.
On Closing
When all of the conditions of your offer have been met, you will then sign your loan documents and closing paper work at escrow. You will deposit the balance of your down payment and closing costs to escrow, and your lender will deposit the balance of the purchase price. Once the escrow receives all the funds, the deed will then be recorded at the County Recorder’s office and you will take ownership of your home.

Now all that’s left to do is enjoy your new home! I look forward to helping you buy your dream home. Simply contact me and I’ll take it from there!