Clearfield Park

Welcome to Clearfield Park!

One of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Carlos, Clearfield Park has a strong identity lending itself to suit both residential and industrial needs. Residents of the area are fortunate to be within walking distance of downtown’s Laurel Street, close proximity of Highway 101, as well as easy access to the San Carlos Airport.

Historically, the neighborhood was built in a post-World War II era and given the nickname “the Murphy tract” after its developer. Curiously, he built his homes from cinderblock, an odd choice given the mid-Peninsula location. However, people have speculated the reason for this is because supplies were limited after the war. As such, homes in Clearfield Park tend to be older and smaller. Over the years homeowners have given their homes a facelift and many exteriors have been stuccoed over resulting in a much more spacious and modern look.

Though the older properties provide a rich sense of history to the area, it has since been dappled with more modern homes. Residents here enjoy picturesque homes with manicured front lawns, picket fences, and a friendly sense of community.

Brittan Acres Elementary and Arundel Elementary serve the neighborhood of Clearfield Park. Both are excellent schools that encourage and support parental involvement. The former serves students in the area south of McCue and Bayport Court while the latter serves the area to the north.

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