Welcome to Cordes!

Nestled in the north east corner of San Carlos sits Cordes, or North San Carlos as it’s also known. Cordes is much more affordable than the neighboring White Oaks and Howard Park even though it shares many of the same wonderful attributes. Where White Oaks is mainly flat, Cordes residents have the option between comfortable flat lands within close proximity to downtown or gorgeous hillside homes with expansive views of the San Francisco Bay. Lot sizes tend to be larger as well.

Arundel Elementary is one of the best schools in the area with White Oaks Elementary as its only real competition. In terms of high schools, Cordes is one of the only neighborhoods in San Carlos that falls within the Carlmont District boundaries. Meaning, students in this neighborhood attend the renowned Carlmont High School, which has received A California Distinguished School award for exemplary educational programs.

Though not as close to certain parts of downtown, Cordes locals know all to well that their northern end of Laurel Avenue is superior to the southern stretch. They benefit from being within easy walking distance to some of the most popular restaurants in the city. Homes in the downtown are some of the oldest in the city, built at the turn of the century. They give the area an appealing sense of character and history. Conversely, homes on the hillside to the west of the neighborhood tend to be newer having been built in the 1970s and 1980s. These homes boast excellent views and larger lots than their downtown counterparts. Arguello Park is also in western Cordes, which features large wooded areas with plenty of trails and open spaces for all nature lovers. The park also has a baseball diamond, soccer field, tennis court, and play equipment. It’s picnic tables, barbeques, and benched areas make it a fantastic spot for community get-togethers.

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