Downtown Palo Alto

Welcome to Downtown!

In combination with its modern aesthetic, Downtown is one of Palo Alto’s oldest neighborhoods and as such has a great historical presence. The area was originally constructed alongside Stanford University in the late 1800s. Previously, university staff, faculty, and administrators made up the neighborhood’s residency. Today, Downtown Palo Alto provides a unique blend of residential, commercial, and retail properties attracting many residents on the hunt for an urban-esque lifestyle. University Avenue for example is the pinnacle of downtown activity in Silicon Valley. There’s an array of shops, bars, restaurants, theatre, offices, and the Park Plaza on its 11-block tract.

Homes in this neighborhood range from small bungalows, multi-level townhouses, and lots of condominiums. If a condo is your style, Downtown is the place to go as it definitely has the most options! In recent years, the City of Palo Alto has had to enforce a four-color parking zone. A car may be parked for a maximum of two hours, per zone per day. Anything more than this time limit, and the driver must move their vehicle to a different color zone. This has caused a number of issues for the Downtown residents. With the number of retail shops, restaurants, and office buildings, visitors will often park on residential streets in order to avoid having to pay for parking. Meaning, actual residents of the area have had to go the extra mile to find a parking space of their own.

However, if a vibrant lifestyle and being able to walk everywhere is to your liking, then Downtown is the place for you.