Green Acres

Welcome to Green Acres!

As an area that was once a luscious orchard, it’s no mystery where Green Acres gets its name. Today, the three distinct regions of the neighborhood, Green Acres 1, Green Acres 2, and Palo Alto Orchards, are populated with traditional style ranchers and American bungalows. These homes were built during the post-World War II suburban rise and to this day many residents prefer their original structure and strive to preserve the rustic aesthetic of the neighborhood.

One of the most boasted aspects of Green Acres is its safety, which makes this neighborhood very attractive to families. It’s also within walking distance to some of the best schools in Palo Alto like Juana Briones Elementary School, Terman Middle School, and Gunn High School. All with API scores above 900. An additional option is Bowman International, the private school nearby.

Residents also enjoy the outdoor amenities like the Juana Briones and Terman parks, which are perfect for an afternoon with the family or a daily dog walk. When out for a stroll, neighbors (be they strangers or friends) will great you with a smile. Green Acres has all the best features of a “small town” atmosphere and locals are very involved in the community. The Green Acres Improvement Association for example meets four times a year to discuss how to maintain and better their home turf.