College Terrace

Welcome to College Terrace!

Unlike Midtown and South Palo Alto, College Terrace has an eclectic assortment of architectural styles on a variety of lot sizes. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Palo Alto and as such has a much more organic feel with a prominent sense of history and charm. On any one street you can find Queen Anne homes next to California Mission bungalows or a mid-Century flat. From single family homes and cottages to duplexes and triplexes nestled next to shops, College Terrace has something for everyone.

Of course the most prominent landmark is Stanford University, which partially surrounds College Terrace. Neighborhood and University share a close bond with some of the homes owned by the Stanford for higher level employee housing. What’s more, it’s not uncommon to spot professors meandering about by bike (or even a university issued golf cart) on their way to work. And yes, many students and university staff means there is a strong demand for rentals. This factor makes College Terrace an ideal place for real estate investments with a fairly stable return.

Despite being located next to Stanford, College Terrace is a family-friendly community with a very active neighborhood association. Recently, the College Terrace Residents Association succeeded in closing off certain streets, making them exclusive to pedestrians, bikers, and children at play. While this is slightly inconvenient for drivers, it does cut down the vehicular traffic for the residents of these streets.

College Terrace has two sub-neighborhoods called Evergreen and Southgate. Evergreen is located between El Camino Real, Park Boulevard and Page Mill Road. Separated from the Stanford campus by El Camino, Evergreen is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the perfect place to raise a family. Meanwhile, outside the southern entrance to Stanford you’ll find Southgate. Residents here are known for their warmth so, if you’re new to the area, expect a friendly knock on your door followed by an invitation to the annual Easter egg hunt or summer block party depending on the season.

Many people with families choose Southgate because of its proximity to some of the best schools in Palo Alto. Neighbors place a big emphasis on safety and most children walk to school. Many of the homes in Southgate were built in the 1940s and residents are prone to remodeling and expanding. However, it is helpful to keep in mind that Palo Alto maintains strict maximum floor area ratios in effort to retain the original character of the city.

For schooling, Escondido Elementary School serves the neighborhood of College Terrace. Afterwards, students attend Jordan Middle and then move on to Palo Alto High School.