Welcome to Midtown!

It’s no question where this neighborhood gets its name from as it is literally in the middle of Palo Alto. Midtown is a large neighborhood bordered by Highway 101, Alma Street, Oregon Expressway, and Loma Verde. And while there is a range of architectural styles, the two most prominent ones are Eichlers in the east and ranchers in the west. In recent years, Eichlers have become popular with their glass walls and open floor plans. Residents enjoy the blurring of outside to in with the modern features of these homes. Lot sizes are typically smaller in Midtown compared to other neighborhoods in Palo Alto but residents are drawn here because of the desirable amenities and fantastic schools offered.

Neighborhood perks include Seale and Hoover Park, which are great places to spend an afternoon with kids. The Midtown Shopping Center has unique cafes for get togethers with friends and a Starbucks for that mandatory shot of caffeine on your way to work. There’s also a conveniently located Safeway as well.

Midtown children have the option of attending either Palo Verde or El Carmelo Elementary. Both schools perform very well, typically scoring above 950 on the APIs. Usually those living to the east of Middlefield will go to Palo Verde while those to the west attend El Carmelo. Upon graduating elementary school, students attend J.L. Stanford Middle School. After that, most students go to Palo Alto High School but some, who live on the outskirts of Midtown, may study at Gunn. Ohlone Elementary School, a choice school, is also an option. Students at this particular school learn in a less traditional manner and instead of a single curriculum for an entire grade, learning is much more individually focused. Ohlone even has its own farm complete with chickens, sheep, and an orchard. It serves as an outdoor classroom able to provide more hands-on learning for its students.