Barron Park

Welcome to Barron Park!

There are two important factors that make this neighborhood so identifiable. The first is its rural atmosphere and peaceful way of life. The second is that Barron Park has its very own celebrity.

Barron Park is centrally located, bounded by El Camino, the Matadero Creek, Arastradero Road, and Gunn High School. Originally the neighborhood used to be a fruit orchard for the most part until it was populated by charming bungalows in the 1920s. Now homeowners have replaced several of these with Craftsman style homes on some of the larger lots. Despite the architectural alterations, residents of Barron Park have managed to maintain its rural nature amidst the rather suburban setting. The sidewalk-less streets and fewer traffic lights likely have something to do with the calm pace of the area as well.

Now, about that celebrity…

It’s actually a donkey named Perry. His claim to fame comes from being the model for the beloved character “Donkey” in the movie Shrek. Perry will be 20 in 2014 and lives with the neighborhood’s other donkey in residence, Miner 49er. Every Sunday Perry and Niner hang out in the public park lapping up visits from the local children. In fact, Bol Park is a great place for anyone to spend a Sunday afternoon. This expansive park has a spacious open field, play structure, and a jogging trail for those looking to stay in shape. On hot days, children enjoy splashing around in the creek that borders the park.

A downside to Barron Park is that there are no restaurants nearby and if you want a night on the town, you’ve got to drive to get it. However, most residents don’t really have an issue with this as they thoroughly enjoy the serenity their neighborhood offers. Moreover, Barron Park has a warm welcoming neighborhood association and incredibly strong sense of community. New comers to the area are embraced and find themselves amongst friends in no time at all.

For the elementary students of the neighborhood, there are two options. Juana Briones Elementary School has an admirable API score of just below 950 while Barron Park Elementary School scores just below 900. Due to its location, the latter serves students closer to the creek. For those in grades six to eight, the Terman Middle School is one of the best with very high API scores. Finally, high school students attend Gunn High School on Arastradero Road.