Welcome to Professorville!

Developed in 1891, this historic neighborhood was developed by a group of young Stanford professors looking to settle near the university- hence its clever name. They chose their location because it was the closest they could get to their place of work without having to lease land from the university to build their homes.

Professorville is located north of Embarcadero, south of Addison, west of Webster, and east of Emerson. With an eclectic architectural mix of Tudor, Craftsman, Queen Anne, and Colonial Revival style homes, the neighborhood has managed to retain its historical roots. In actuality, Professorville is a historic district and many houses and properties are protected by the city from architectural changes. 

Residents have a great deal of pride regarding the aesthetic appeal of their neighborhood and as such have spent lots of money refurbishing and maintaining the upkeep of their older homes. Several properties in the area are flag plots, homes that have been constructed far away from the street in the middle of the block. These spacious lawns dotted with trees are rather picturesque and add a certain charm to the neighborhood.

In terms of schools, students living in Professorville attend Addison Elementary, Jordan Middle, and Palo Alto High School. All three are under the Palo Alto Unified School District, one of the best in the state.