South of El Monte

Welcome to the South of the El Monte!

There are four neighborhoods that make up the South of El Monte Area: Central Los Altos, Rancho, Loyola Corners, and South Los Altos. While all four have thriving community lives, each neighborhood has its own unique charm distinguishing them from one another.

Central Los Altos encompasses two connecting triangles in a great location close to schools and the downtown. Luckily for the social residents of this neighborhood, the streets are wide and curbless, perfect for regular block parties among other friendly festivities. Central Los Altos is an attractive neighborhood for couples and young families offering great opportunities for parents to get involved in the school and community.

Nestled nearly within the two triangles of Central Los Altos are Rancho and Loyola Corners. Developed concurrently with the Rancho Shopping Center, Rancho sits between Covington Road and Foothill Expressway. Residents are conveniently within walking distance of the shopping center. The area used to be Santa Clara farmland growing world-renowned plums, cherries, walnuts, peaches, and apricots. Most lots are a quarter of an acre and with no sidewalks or streetlights allowing the neighborhood to proudly retain its contry-esque heritage. Despite an increase in construction, most renovations are interior and do not alter the rural personality of Rancho.

Loyola Corners, located beneath the second triangle of Central Los Altos between Miramonte Avenue and Foothill Expressway, exudes a historical charisma all of its own. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Altos, it was originally the location of the Santa Clara University. The population consists of a compatible mix of original homeowners and new residents. The newer homeowners are constructing new homes as well as renovating the old. Loyola Corners is an excellent shopping district with many charming “mom and pop” shops and small businesses that can’t help but oblige the neighborhood’s country character.

Last but certainly not least is South Los Altos. Another family-favorite neighborhood, homes here consist of mainly mid-century ranchers peppered with Eichler, two-story Mediterranean, or Craftsman styles. South Los Altos has numerous amenities that make it an ideal locale such as Grant Park. The park has a community center, organizes after-school activities for kids, and is the local hangout of many neighborhood social events. The neighborhood is served by two different school districts. Children can either attend Los Altos School District or Cupetino Union School District depending on their zip code. Both districts possess superior academic standards and provide enthusiastic learning environments for their students.