West Atherton

Welcome to West Atherton!

Arguably the most desirable, exclusive and luxurious neighborhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, West Atherton boasts fantastic foliage of heritage oaks, cedars, and pines that line the sidewalk-less streets and provide the area with its very own rural charm. Found in the heart of the Silicon Valley, West Atherton is picturesque adorned with luxury estates and upscale homes. Seemingly a world away, this community is in fact just a short drive from the bustling downtowns of Palo Alto and Redwood City.

Back in the 1800s, before West Atherton was the magnificent neighborhood it is today, it was one large 600-acre estate belonging to the area’s namesake, Mr. Faxon Dean Atherton. As it happens the Menlo Circus Club, a private country club for affluent equestrian enthusiasts, is located where Mr. Atherton’s home was in the days of yesteryear. Today, each property is no less than one acre in size allowing every resident an attractive amount of privacy. West Atherton is also entirely residential. There is very little through-traffic and the quiet streets uphold a sanctuary-like atmosphere ideal for after dinner strolls with the family.

Although West Atherton prides itself on the privacy provided to its residents, it is certainly not isolating. The gorgeous landscape of the Menlo Circus Club, it’s tennis courts, pools, state of the art equine facilities, and notable architecture alone tend to entice club members out of their homes for social gatherings and charity events hosted by the club. The community itself is very invested in maintaining West Atherton’s peaceful, naturalistic serenity. That being said, in recent years there has been a turn over of residents in the area as more of Silicon Valley’s executives and investors move in. Construction sites now speckle the posh streets, gearing up to build the next extravagant mansion. Nevertheless, West Atherton’s favorable attributes far outweigh the bad and it remains one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the country.

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