Welcome to Homeview!

Belmont’s first neighborhood began as a general store and roadhouse founded by Charles Aubrey Angelo in the mid 1800s. Since then, Homeview has been entirely renovated and now consists of small suburban communities, some industry, and the Belmont Sports Complex. The Complex offers baseball and softball fields, a jogging track, and a picnic area perfect for neighborhood barbecues. The two main residential areas are located on either side of Ralston Avenue, both within close proximity to Highway 101 and the Belmont Caltrain station. On both sides of Ralston Avenue, Homeview’s properties boast luscious greenery and manicured lawns. The south side is comprised mainly of friendly cul-de-sacs while the north side is slightly less gridded.

Though Homeview cannot claim the same wondrous views as Belmont’s other neighborhoods, it is in a convenient location for commuters. With the reputable Nesbit Elementary school and safe communities, this area tends to attract a slightly younger crowd of singles, couples, and young families.