The Foothills

Welcome to The Foothills! 

Los Altos Hills is a residential community with a flourishing agricultural presence. The town is located between Palo Alto, Los Altos, and the foothills and consists of a small group of hills. The town is a peaceful retreat of private valleys and luxurious homes spread throughout the countryside. And the Foothills are no exception. 

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The Foothills neighborhood in particular is every nature-lover’s paradise. Home to the Westwind Barn and Byrne Preserve as well as a schematic of trails that weave their way throughout the city, the Foothills offer ample opportunity for leisure activities. Many residents can be spotted on horseback, trotting along the trails and soaking in the incredible views of the San Francisco Bay. Biking is also a common pastime in Los Altos Hills. Road bikers looking for a challenge climb the steep and narrow streets of Page Mill, Moody, and Altamont. With 90 miles of roads and trails, it’s like living in a national park!

The homes in this neighborhood range from magnificent mansions to single story ranchers and rest on at least one acre. Some of the grander gated estates have stables in the front and vineyards in the back, creating a charmingly rustic environment. Homes here are unique and custom built. As each one is quite a distance from the other, the Foothills offers an ideal amount of privacy and seclusion as well. Although in recent years there’s been some construction as the area continues to expand and renovate.

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The breathtaking Boronda Lake resides in Foothills Park, an open space of 1,400 acres, conveniently located near the Foothills. Also nearby is Hidden Villa, an organic farm offering enticing community programs and summer camps for children. If ever you have the desire to escape the modern world, Hidden Villa provides programs that teach members how to milk a cow and bake bread with recipes from all around the world.

Foothill College, a two-year community college offers many Associate degree programs for those wishing to explore unique educational opportunities. As for elementary and secondary education, most of the Foothills falls under Palo Alto Unified School District.