Middlefield to El Camino

Welcome to Middlefield to El Camino!

Glenwood Avenue, San Francisquito Creek, Middlefield Road and Alma Street comprise the boarders of Middlefield to El Camino’s welcoming neighborhood. As an 80-acre standalone community with a friendly suburban feel, this was originally a planned community developed in the 50s. Most of the architectural style is consistent with that time though in recent years, a mix of conventional ranchers and modern designers have seen to the neighborhood’s exterior diversity. Many of the homes have had extensive remodeling on their interiors as well. Populated largely by families, the residents of the neighborhood are often spotted leisurely walking to Palo Alto, downtown Menlo Park, or frequenting Burgess Park. A favorite local hangout, there’s very little Burgess Park doesn’t have to offer. With tennis courts, playgrounds, a family gym, sports center, skate park, and pool, there’s always something to do.