Belmont Country Club

belmont country club

Welcome to Belmont Country Club!

Bordered by San Mateo to the north, Alameda de las Pulgas to the east, and a winding Ralston Avenue to its south and west, Belmont Country Club displays a great deal of real estate diversity. Many of the homes here hail from the 1950s and 1960s and are found on a collection of steep, winding roads that many residents (at least the non-enthusiastic hikers) choose to drive rather than walk up.

The original homes and engaging topography give this area an appealing sense of history and culture. Interestingly, the actual Belmont Country Club, the area’s namesake, was in fact located in the neighboring Antique Forest Homes. The land was meant for residential development and today has evolved heavily, even more than the adjoining Belmont Woods.

Homes nestled in the northwest corner, adjacent to San Mateo, rest upon hillsides with narrow roads that meander in and out of both cities. Large multi-level houses populate this region claiming great property values and offering a peaceful retreat from more occupied areas. Many residents of these homes have renovated their interiors, filling them with brand new amenities.

Belmont Country Club is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors. Its wooded neighborhoods have a rural charm to them and cater to an active lifestyle.

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