Green Gables

Welcome to Green Gables!

Green Gables encompasses several sub-neighborhoods including Duveneck/St. Francis, Embarcadero Oaks, Garland, Leland Manor, and Triple El. These areas all share the desirable features of wide streets canopied by rich foliage, manicured lawns, and beautiful homes. And yet, each has its own distinct elements that make it unique.

Duveneck/St. Francis covers the largest area and is close to Crescent Park. Here there are stunning luxury homes as well as the Duveneck Elementary School, celebrated for its academic achievements and high educational standards.

The most famous street in Embarcadero Oaks is Fulton Street. Every year during the holiday season the community transforms the street, lined with sycamores and classic architecture, into “Christmas Tree Lane”. This tradition has been happening for over half a century!

The Garland neighborhood is comprised of about one block that divides into four cul-de-sac streets. Leland Manor on the other hand has a much more unique design. This neighborhood consists of two identical cul-de-sacs encircled by winding streets. Thankfully for the residents of Leland Manor, the layout offers much less traffic and safer streets for the neighborhood children.

If you desire an Eichler home, Triple El is the place to go in Green Gables. Eichlers are single story homes with floor to ceiling windows and open floor plans. They blur the lines between indoors and the beautiful Californian atmosphere outside. This is particularly desirable in Triple El on Elsinore Drive, which is dotted with mature Chinese Elm trees.

Due to its many sub-neighborhoods, the home values of Green Gables tend to vary. However, no matter which area you decide to settle in, the Baylands Nature Preserve and the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course are nearby. And both are ready to fulfill the needs of every nature-lover and avid golfer at any time!