The ABC’s of San Carlos Schools

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San Carlos has seven wonderful schools that truly embody the sense of community that is so present throughout the area. Like the San Carlos Charter Learning Center located on the same campus as Tierra Linda, one of the two middle schools in the district. The CLC grew from local support and amazingly, just celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. Children from kindergarten to grade eight fall under the San Carlos School District and once they graduate on to high school, they attend either Carlmont High School in Belmont or Sequoia High School in Redwood City. You can find out more about the San Carlos School District at their website or, for a quick overview of location and API scores, as well as links to the individual school’s websites, keep reading!

Elementary Schools:

Arundel Elementary School

API Score 2013: 946

Brittan Acres

API Score 2013: 890

Heather School 

API Score 2013: 894

White Oaks School

white oaks 2

API Score 2013: 921

Middle Schools:

Central Middle School

API Score 2013: 898

Tierra Linda Middle School

API Score 2013: 925

Charter Schools:

San Carlos Charter Learning Center 

API Score 2013: 878

High Schools:

Carlmont High School

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 6.09.29 PM

API Score 2013: 802

Sequoia High School


API Score 2013: 878

Find out more about the individual San Carlos neighborhoods like White Oaks, Cordes, Alder Manor, Clearfield Park, and Howard Park right here at Beautiful Bay Homes!

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