The ABC’s of Belmont’s Elementary Schools

Belmont is served by Belmont-Redwood Shores School District. There are roughly 3600 students enrolled in this district, dispersed between the six different elementary schools. Central, Cipriani, Fox, and Nesbit provide excellent education for children living in Belmont while Redwood Shores Elementary and Sandpiper serve the community of Redwood Shores. You can visit the district’s comprehensive website to learn more. However, for a brief outline, location, and API scores, keep scrolling!

Central Elementary

Central Elementary achieved an outstanding API score of 937 in 2013. Students, parents, and teachers alike have nothing but praise for this educational institution. Moreover, with an involved community of parents and dedicated teachers, this school excels at nurturing and empowering students to their full potential.

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Cipriani Elementary School 

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.34.16 AMCommitted to providing high-quality education and supporting a diverse student body, children at Cipriani Elementary School benefit from small classrooms and dedicated teachers. This past year they scored an impressive API just above 900.

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Fox Elementary School

It is very easy for parents to get involved at Fox Elementary School with most of their extra curricular programs, school barbeques, and fundraisers run by participating parents. And certainly the level of education is high as the school scored an outstanding API of 924 in 2013.

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Nesbit Elementary School

Despite scoring a slightly lower API of just below 850 in 2013, Nesbit Elementary School maintains a high quality level of education for students living in the Belmont area. In fact, this year Nesbit received a 2014 California Distinguished Schools Award. This award is only given to 424 elementary schools and, seeing as there are approximately 5,700 elementary schools total in California, is quite prestigious.

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