San Francisco’s Stash of Hidden Cash

If you were out and about in San Francisco this past weekend, you might have spotted a 20 dollar bill taped to a parking meter, or perhaps found $50 tucked into the grounds of City Hall. Why you ask? Because good, creative people still exist.

The Bold Italic posted a story on Friday about an anonymous real estate magnate who’s roaming around San Francisco and hiding cash for people to find. When asked, the generous benefactor said they’d made a lot of money in Bay Area real estate and “I am determined to give away some of the money I make, and in addition to charity, to do it in fun, creative ways like this.” He or she is stashing a couple $100 bills and some $20s around the city once or twice a week as a way of giving back to the community.

You can check out their twitter page and follow them @HiddenCash. They tweet clues as to where their next hiding place will be. Good luck!

Photo source: @Hidden Cash twitter

Photo source: @Hidden Cash twitter

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