Monday Updates: San Francisco’s Hidden Cash Man Revealed!

  • hiddencash
    A follower's twitter photo after finding some cash.

Two weeks ago San Francisco was taken by storm by an anonymous benefactor dropping $20 and $100 bills around the city and leaving clues for the public on Twitter. Well, the mystery is no more! On Friday, The Bold Italic confirmed that San Francisco’s @HiddenCash is in fact real estate magnate Jason Buzi. However, the real credit belongs to Inside Edition who, after a phone interview with Buzi, brought in a professional voice analysis expert to crack the code. Here at Beautiful Bay Homes, we thought @HiddenCash was a pretty amazing story because the message was (and continues to be) all about paying it forward.

Buzi has brought some friends on board his experiment and they are now working together to give back even more. Buzi also told The Bold Italic that the last two weeks have been “unreal” for him. With calls from CNN, other news outlets (including a few international ones) and offers from television companies, @HiddenCash’s fame has grown exponentially.

But, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Ever since Buzi’s unmasking, a three-year-old story from Palo Alto Online has surfaced about the controversial methods he used to make his money such as taking advantage of struggling homeowners during the recession. In response to his critics, Buzi says he’s mindful of the wealth issues saying, “So many people I know have done better than me, and they’re not doing anything to give back. So it’s strange for someone who gives back to be criticized for how they give money. I really am just trying to give back.” 

Either way, it doesn’t look like @HiddenCash has any notion of slowing down. With recent tweets about working with non profits and developing a travel fund, there’s no telling how far they’re willing to go.

So, if you’re in San Francisco Bay Area, keep checking Twitter and good luck!

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