Monday Updates: Menlo Park City School District Receives $3.6 Million

Photo from InMenlo

Last week was one of the happiest for Menlo Park City School District as they were presented with a $3.6 million dollar grant from the Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation. The grant will play a significant part in the District’s 2014-2015 budget and will benefit Encinal, Laurel, Oak Knoll and Hillview. All four schools have an already impressive reputation with excellent APIs and community focus.

What’s amazing about the Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation (MPAEF) is their mission to involve the community in order to provide better education for the District. InMenlo reported that this time round, the MPAEF’s goal was to raise $1,500 per student. Here are the community groups who assisted in reaching their target:

Family Donors: funded 2,154 students at $1,500

Community Donors: 95 students at $1,500

Business and Realtor Partners: 95 students at $1,500

As well, auction events, charity runs, and others collectively funded 286 students.

It’s so wonderful to see this community come together and collectively work towards the greater good of providing quality education to the kids under the umbrella of the Menlo Park City School District!

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